ICURAE Pharmacy

Commercial Remodelling and Renovation


Project Completed


Our client, ICURAE Pharmacy was keen on having a modern look to fit well with the ambiance of its inner-city Calgary location. A solution was found by deploying Platinum Heritage’s expertise in building medical facilities to help the pharmacy with a custom-designed, modern build-out.

Work has been carried out in the foyer to refurbish the marble floor tiles and walls. The fabulous entryway opens into a comfortable and business-like office. This office was developed to improve efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. With a streamlined layout and modern features like spacious shelves, it’s the perfect place for the ICURAE Pharmacy team to be creative. Major upgrades to the male and female amenities were also undertaken and a new kitchenette was installed on the floor. The new coffered up-lit ceiling beautifully complements the existing charm. Every aspect of work on this property was done with meticulous attention to detail.