We have helped several homeowners in Calgary and environs to achieve their goals, and we want to help you too. Our commitment to excellence in design/build has made us masters in our craft. When we work on your project, you are guaranteed excellence on every inch, with the highest quality design, construction and finishes.

We will work with your timeline and budget to come up with the perfect plan to make your home renovation or addition project a reality.

Home Additions and Remodeling

Do you like the location and lifestyle of the neighbourhood you currently live in, but not satisfied with your home? We can help you re-design your current home and build a dream home that is fully customized to your unique lifestyle and tastes.

With extensive experience and specialist knowledge in home renovations, we have developed an efficient and streamlined approach for renovating homes to meet your needs and also improve resale value of your home. We can assist you in transforming your current home to enhance the lifestyle of your family. Talk to about your upcoming project.

Our Projects

Our Projects

Are you looking to improve livability by increasing the space and functionality of your current home? If you have outgrown your home, choosing to modify the floor plan, or adding square footage to make the most functional use of your space.

Your ideas and preferences drive the design and the floor and inform the addition to interior and exterior selections.  Our designers will take care of your need every step of the way, and will implement your vision and bring out the best from your current home.


01 - Deciding On What You Want

Before we chat, think about what you want from a home or commercial space. What do you like or dislike about your current home? Are you looking to renovate or make additions to your commercial space? Take inspiration from other homes or commercial spaces you have seen. Keep a scrapbook and make lists of what you ‘must have’ and what would ‘be nice to have.

02 - Initial Meeting

The objective of this meeting is to discuss your dream, needs and/or requirements. We will offer professional advice and guidance. If you are not sure what you want, our professional team is here to assist you.

Depending on whether you have blueprints or drawings that provide all the information we need to assess your project, we may visit the proposed construction site to assess site conditions.

03 - Concept Design

We pride ourselves on being able to design and build the project that you want. If you do not already have a professionally prepared set of blueprints, we will work with you into prepare a set of blue prints that will meet your discussed requirements.

04 - Making Selections

After the design work has been done, it is then time to make selections on the aesthetic elements of your project. This includes a selection of interior and exterior finishes. We make this an easy and fun process for you. At the selection meeting, we will go over every detail of your project and you will have the option of selecting from our designer-curated pre-elections or work with our team of designers to make your selections.

05 - Costing and Planning

Our skilled and experienced team will work with you to develop a project plan. After all blueprints are finalized and selections have made, we will provide you with the cost of construction.

06 - Building Contract

All our projects are governed by contracts. Before we can start the building or renovation project, you will need to sign a building agreement. If there is anything you are unsure of, or do not understand, we will clarify before you sign off. 

07 - Obtaining Building Approvals

Once all documentation is completed, necessary permits will be obtained and your building project can begin.

08 - Construction Begins

We execute all projects in a professional manner, meeting the specifications set out in the contract. We ensure construction stays on track with schedule and that any potential issues are resolved promptly.

09 - Completion of your Project and Final Inspection

We execute all projects in a professional manner, meeting the specifications set out in the contract. We ensure construction stays on track with schedule and that any potential issues are resolved promptly.